What is a Bellini Intelli Kitchen Master?

The Bellini Intelli Kitchen Master or BIKM for short is the poor man’s Thermomix. Another thermal cooker, this one has been sold through Target stores in Australia for a few years now and is a much cheaper option than the Thermie.

bellini imageThis is a great machine and is the one that I own. It does all the same things as the Thermomix, but with some caveats including:

  • Separate sharp and blunt blades
  • Weaker motor
  • Slower to heat
  • Less effective steaming
  • Locking clip has a tendency to break

What Functions are Available on the Bellini Kitchen Master

The official site for this machine claims 8 rather than 10 functions:

  • chopping
  • mixing
  • mincing
  • whipping
  • kneading
  • blending
  • stirring
  • cooking
  • frying
  • steaming

What can’t it do?

There are no built in scales so it cannot weigh, but does come with a separate set of scales that you can use by putting the jug on top.

It doesn’t claim to be able to mill, but this can be done. The caveat is that the weaker motor means you have to be a bit careful not to burn the motor out by using it at a high speed for extended periods of time.

How Much Does the Bellini Kitchen Master Cost?

With a RRP of $389 it has been sold for anywhere from $75-$389. I bought mine for $290 on special and considered that a great price for the value I have got out of it.

Bellini Kitchen Master Specs

  • 500w motor
  • Cooking temperatures 37°C to 100°C + ST steam (approx. 110C) in 10°C intervals
  • No guided cooking
  • Cooking speeds 1-3
  • Manual kneading is possible
  • No pause function
  • Includes: 2 blades, sharp & blunt, Intelli steamer, spatula, mixing tool, internal steaming basket, scales



There are a range of reviews out there including quite a few comparisons to the Thermomix:

The general consensus seems to be that this is a good budget alternative to the Thermomix and a great starter machine if you want to give thermal cooking a go, but don’t want to jump in with a $2000 spend.

This is my view as well, especially when I see friends who have spent on the Thermomix and then discovered that they really dislike thermal cooking, so it becomes a very very expensive benchwarmer.

For more info on the Thermomix, see my ‘What is a Thermomix’ overview.

What next?

This model has been discontinued and a new model is on the way, so watch this space for more information. The Bellini Addicts Facebook group is also fantastic resource for information on this machine.

My collection of 50 easy tasty recipes for thermal cookers is the only cookbook out there tested on and written for the Bellini Intelli Kitchen Master. It’s the essential resource to have handy on your phone or tablet as you cook with this machine. See the full list of recipes and get it on iPad, iPhone or Android via Kindle

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