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Tmix+: Reviewing the new Thermomix magazine

There are a lot of Thermomix websites out there (including this one) and they have spawned a great number of beautiful cookbooks and e-books (including mine) but Tmix+ is the first print magazine. I read and tested out a selection of recipes from the first three issues and I am definitely impressed.

What is TmixMagazine?

Tmix+ magazines

Tmix+ magazines

A cross between a magazine and a cookbook, according to Tmix+ it is ‘a collectible product that has equal pride of place on bookshelves and kitchen benches’.

First Thoughts on TmixMagazine

Taking the magazines out of the parcel, I am excited. They are weighty tomes, with lovely thick, covers and pages, beautiful looking pictures and a classy matte finish.

The initial impression is akin to Delicious/Donna Hay magazines, combined with articles that remind me of Rolling Stone in their depth and storytelling approach. This is a good combination.

At $19.95 an issue it’s a pricey magazine, but the yearly subscription pack of $59.85 for four issues is good value and strikes me as the perfect gift for a Thermomix owner (like my mother in law).

Recipe Testing from TmixMagazine

The recipes seem aspirational to me and are a little intimidating, so I issue myself a small challenge to make a selection from across the three issues including main dishes from each one, rather than just making my easy baking favourites.

Tmix challenge recipes

Tmix challenge recipes

Issue 1:

Prawn & Sweet Potato Fritters

These were surprisingly easy to make and definitely popular. I think the best bit about making these was that it cured my fear of fritters and I used the recipe concept to make a vegetarian version. I think the vego version will be a staple in our house.

Prawn Fritters from Tmix+ magazine

Prawn Fritters

Veggie fritters from Tmix+ magazine

Veggie fritters

Honey Ice Cream

Wowee this was good. Melt in the mouth delicious and oh so easy to make. Making my own icecream has been one of the unexpected bonuses of having a thermal cooker and this recipe will be used again and again in summer.

Honey ice cream from Tmix+ magazine

Honey ice cream from Tmix+ magazine

Salted Caramel Chocolate Fudge

My sweet tooth loves that these machines give you the ability to make your own fudge. This fudge is just divine. I gave some to my brother and sister in law and after tasting it, she immediately quarantined the rest for herself, so I think it was good. Again easy to follow and make.

Salted caramel fudge from Tmix+ magazine

Salted caramel fudge

Issue 2:


Thermomix demonstrations always feature a dip as they are so easy and quick to whip up in these machines. We eat quite a lot of hummus in this house, so I was prepared to be fussy, but this recipe turned up another winner, smooth and flavoursome with just the right amount of tang. I may even go back to making my own hummus.

Hummus from Tmix+ magazine

Hummus from Tmix+ magazine


These were challenging. The recipe was clear, but the key tip I needed was hidden down the bottom in small type where instead a giant flashing box would have been more helpful. (Ok, so I know that was never going to happen in a magazine, but I had a rough time with these so am feeling a bit bitter). A little less on the history of the felafel and a little more on how to get around all the potential felafel cooking problems would have been good.

Once I’d actually navigated to a cooked, in one piece, felafel, they were super tasty so I may well brave them again, maybe…..

Felafels from Tmix+ magazine

Falafel fail

Felafels from Tmix+ magazine

Felafels from Tmix+ magazine

Banana Bread

The banana bread was delicious. Really easy to make and had all the beautiful texture, chunky feel but softness of a good cafe version. Think we’ll be making a lot of this with bananas as cheap as they are at the moment.

Banana Bread from Tmix+ magazine

Banana Bread from Tmix+ magazine

Issue 3

Fish Fingers

Hmmm. I am torn on these. I had high hopes but I am not sold. The recipe was a bit fiddly and took a little while to put together and I just couldn’t get the texture quite right. I do love the idea of fish fingers and can’t stomach the frozen ones so I might have to fiddle a bit to try and get this one right for me.

Fish fingers from Tmix+ magazine

Fish fingers from Tmix+ magazine

Anzac Biscuits

These were just great. Love love love them. I really like that they don’t have coconut, they were so easy and had a great texture and flavour. Definitely another to hit the regular recipe collection here.

Anzac Biscuits from Tmix+ magazine

Anzac Biscuits from Tmix+ magazine

Verdict on TmixMagazine

If you like cooking magazines with beautiful aspirational recipes you will love Tmix+. Each magazine has a good collection of recipes with well written interesting articles and stunning pictures. The recipes do work to the strengths of the Thermomix without trying to get it to do everything and they will expand your cooking prowess.

If you are looking for an easy collection of family friendly recipes, then continue your google through the recipe collection – or grab a copy of my ebook, Kate’s Thermo Cookbook available on iPad, iPhone or Android via Kindle.


  • Recipes work. No fails from my testing, just a few tweaks needed.
  • Easy to find recipe appendix
  • New in 3rd issue, GF and DF recipes highlighted in contents
  • Mix of articles and recipes
  • Interesting and well written articles
  • Good range of recipes, even includes a collection of ‘staples’ such as Mashed Potato, Pesto at the back of each issue

Things I dislike:

  • Family friendly is not the first word that comes to mind for the recipes. When I was putting together my selection to test out I wanted to include a main dish from each issue. I struggled a bit with the first issue as the meals just weren’t that practical for our family. However, by the third issue this has shifted a little and there was a bigger choice of recipes I like.


As much as I love the convenience of a e-book, I also like the feel of cooking from a lovely, beautiful recipe book. Tmix+ does bridge the gap between cookbook and magazine and whilst I don’t think it would go on my bookshelf, they’ll definitely sit with my collection of cookbooks at hand in the kitchen.

Now – I just have to start hinting that I expect a subscription for my next birthday …….


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