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Who am I?

Kate and Patrick

Myself and the latest addition

Hi and welcome to Chop Cook Serve.

I’m Kate, a busy mum of three little ones, currently on maternity leave from my role as a Marketing and Events Project Manager. As well as that I am a supportive partner in my husband’s digital publishing business, board member for a local youth homelessness association, keen (hopefully soon again) jogger and of course I love to cook.

Well to be honest, sometimes I love to cook and sometimes I just want someone else to deal with it and put something edible in front of me so I don’t have to think at all beyond bringing the fork to my mouth.

I got my Bellini Intelli Kitchen Master in late 2013. The Thermomix revolution had started but there was no way I was dishing out the price of a small car for a kitchen appliance. The Target version – the Bellini, on sale for $289 seemed like a good compromise.

I use it all the time and have put together a collection of easy to use tried and tested recipes with pictures, written in Bellini speak available on iPad, iPhone or Android via Kindle.

Working on the next cookbook now – but in the meanwhile, the goal for this little blog is to have a collection of useful tips and recipes to help you in your thermo cooking adventures.

Don’t hesitate to get in contact, I’d love to hear your thoughts via

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