Optimum ThermoCook

What is the Optimum ThermoCook?

Once, there was just the Thermomix, and then suddenly there were a whole raft of thermal cooking options on the market with varying features and of course prices. Here, I’ll talk you through the features of the Optimum ThermoCook, another thermal cooker option sitting in between the Bellini and the Thermomix in price.

Features of the Optimum ThermoCook

Features of the Optimum ThermoCook

What Functions are Available on the Optimum ThermoCook?

Interestingly the official site for this machine claims 20 different functions, dwarfing the Thermomix 12:

  • chopping
  • whipping
  • mixing
  • emulsifying
  • milling
  • mincing
  • kneading
  • cooking
  • blending
  • stirring
  • weighing
  • precise heating
  • pureeing
  • sauteing
  • slow cooking
  • beating
  • whisking
  • boiling
  • stewing
  • steaming

The one that intrigues me the most is the slow cooking, as I know that is something that can’t be done on the Bellini or the Thermomix. Otherwise, I would say that the functionality is the same as the other machines on the market, with just a few more descriptive terms used to up the list to 20.

What can’t the Optimum ThermoCook do?

There are no built in scales so it cannot weigh, but does come with a separate set of scales that you can use by putting the jug on top.

There are separate blades for chopping and mixing, so you do need to pull them out and swap them over just like the Bellini Supercook and old Bellini Intelli (note new Bellini has reverse function).

The jug also can’t go in the dishwasher, so you need to wash it by hand.

How Much Does the Optimum ThermoCook Cost?

The RRP is $1600, but right now (as of 22nd June 2016) in Australia it is on sale for $849 via www.froothie.com.au.

Optimum ThermoCook Specs

  • 500w motor, 1000W heating power
  • Cooking temperatures 37°C to 120°C with the ability to set the temperature in one degree increments.
  • Guided cooking autoprograms, such as ‘ quick soup’
  • 2L jug
  • Kneading function
  • Includes: 2 blades, steamer tray, cooking basket, mixing tool, measuring cup, spatula, digital scale and a recipe book
Optimum ThermoCook

Optimum ThermoCook


There are a range of reviews out there including comparisons to the Thermomix:

You can also find more (generally positive of course) on the Froothie site.

These reviews are all from the UK, I haven’t seen an Australian review of the machine, but I know from the comments on the Bellini Addicts facebook group that it is quite popular here.



As I mentioned this is just one of the thermal cookers now available in Australia.

The other options include:

As with all of these, its about finding the right machine, with the right features and price for you.

Hopefully this helps a little 🙂

Of course my collection of 50 easy tasty recipes for thermal cookers will work very well with this machine and its two blades. It’s the essential resource to have handy on your phone or tablet as you cook with this machine. See the full list of recipes and get it on iPad, iPhone or Android via Kindle

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