Locking clip on bottom of machine

Oh no, my locking clip broke (again)

It’s amazing how one small part can so easily disable your machine, routine and interest in cooking.

The locking clip on the Bellini is one of those small essential parts that can snap quite easily if you don’t look after it – as has happened to me twice now.

Here I’ll share some tips on how to make sure you don’t lose access to your lovely machine through not looking after this tiny key part.

What is the locking clip?

This plastic device locks and unlocks the blades in the jug.

How to use it?

  • Put the clip in the unlock position, the one with the open lock.
  • Make sure the rubber seal is on the blade.
  • Place the blade in the jug and wriggle it gently all the way down.
  • Turn the jug on its side and push down on top of the blade whilst sliding the clip across with your other hand.
Locking clip on bottom of machine

Locking clip on bottom of machine

Close up of snapped clip

Here is what a snapped clip looks like

If it won’t go in

  • DO NOT push too hard or it will snap!
  • Instead pull out the blade and rotate it 180 degrees, then try again.

Top Tip

Try spraying a tiny bit of cooking oil around locking clip on the bottom and then sliding the clip back and forth to lubricate it up a bit.

If it does snap

Contact the Bellini Service Department to order a new part (and cry a little as you’ll have no machine for a while).

Install + Fix Solutions

  • P: 1300 373 993
  • E: stevi.mcleod@installandfixsolutions.com.au
  • F: (07) 3865 5855
  • Contact: Stevi McLeod, Customer Service Officer


Be gentle, don’t force it, rotate if need be and if it does snap, you can get a new one.


Thanks for reading – don’t forget 50 fantastic recipes to use with your working locking clip in my e-book, available and easy to use from your phone or tablet. Get it on: iPad,  iPhone  or Android via Kindle.


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