Four ways with Bananas


Bananas are the endlessly adaptable fruit. They are incredibly popular with small children and work amazingly well in stacks of different recipes. For me, I also quite often misjudge the amount to buy and so end up with a cluster of rapidly browning fruit on the benchtop.


So if this happens to you too, here are four of my favourite recipes to make good use of those browning beauties.

  1. Banana muffins: There’s a great recipe in my cookbook for these, but if you don’t have that one to hand 😉 you can’t go wrong with this Banana and Chocolate Muffin option from Cooking with Tenina.
  2. Banana Bread: Who doesn’t love banana bread? This Banana and Carrot cake recipe from The Annoyed Thyroid makes a beautifully moist cafe style bread.
  3. Banana Pancakes: These Banana and Honey Pancakes from TRTLMT are such a winner in our house, never last out the day. I usually swap the honey for maple syrup.
  4. Banana Smoothie: The best use of a banana if you can freeze is first is of course the classic Banana Smoothie. This super tasty simple option is from Thermobliss.

So, no need to waste those bananas now, just pick your option and get mixing!

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