hidden chocolate

Top 30 places to hide your chocolate

hidden chocolate

I love my chocolate. I have a real sweet tooth so I tend to have a stash somewhere in the house. Turns out I’m not alone.

A recent post on the Bellini Addicts Facebook page had a whopping 247 comments with suggestions on where to hide your ‘cooking’ chocolate. It was vastly entertaining reading and I enjoyed it so much I’ve pulled out the top 30 hiding places for you, so here goes:

  1. In the veggie crisper
  2. Inside an empty frozen veggie packet in the freezer
  3. Behind the flour canister
  4. In your slow cooker
  5. Inside a large stock pot in the back of the pots and pans cupboard
  6. Back of the spice drawer
  7. In a box of chips that no one from your house likes
  8. In an empty egg carton
  9. Slide into a breakfast cereal packet, between the plastic bag & the carton
  10. In the cupboard with the cleaning products
  11. Have two stashes, once the first is found, they’ll give up and leave the second alone
  12. In a coat pocket in your wardrobe
  13. In your underwear drawer
  14. Bottom of your sock drawer
  15. Inside the washing machine
  16. Bottom of the ironing basket
  17. In an empty tampon/pad box
  18. In a filing cabinet, you keep the key
  19. Behind the wall clock
  20. Inside a Dirty Dancing DVD cover
  21. Sewing machine storage compartment
  22. Back of the bra drawer. The old ones used for anything but leaving the house.
  23. Behind the dishwashing liquid
  24. Tape it under the dining table
  25. Inside a replacement vacuum cleaner bag
  26. Back of the bathroom cabinet, no one ever goes in there
  27. Where you store instruction manuals
  28. In a dark coloured Tupperware container in the pantry, labelled prunes
  29. Where-ever you keep the toilet paper
  30. In a yoga DVD case from Cadburys. Instead of a DVD holder, inside there are hooks to secure a bar of chocolate

There are so many fantastic ideas here that I’m sure your ‘cooking’ stash will be safe for years to come – have to say my fav is the yoga DVD, maybe that’s something I should be looking to make and sell…..

Let me know your favourite chocolate hiding spot and don’t forget you can get 50 fantastic recipes including the best ever chocolate cake, in my e-book, available and easy to use from your phone or tablet. Get it on: iPad,  iPhone  or Android via Kindle.

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