Delicious baked Haloumi Balls
Delicious baked Haloumi Balls

Baked Haloumi Balls

I love haloumi, so yummy and am constantly looking for new bite size recipes for my kids, especially my 10 month old son who so wants to feed himself, all the time! This recipe started as haloumi and zucchini fritters, but as I hate pan frying, it morphed as I went into a baked recipe – and I was really stoked that it worked. I hope you enjoy it.

The original fritter recipes I used to create this one came from Thermomama and Cooking with Tenina, so do check those out if you are looking for a straight haloumi and zucchini fritter recipe.

Delicious baked Haloumi Balls

The final product ready to eat


  • 180g block of haloumi
  • 300g of vegetables (suggest Zucchini, carrot, capsicum)
  • 125g tin corn kernels
  • 90g plain flour
  • 2 eggs
  • Handful fresh continental parsley
  • 50g bread or rice crumbs
  • Salt and pepper
Haloumi ball mixture in the jug

Haloumi balls mixture in the jug


  1. Preheat the oven to 180⁰C.
  2. Use the sharp blade.
  3. Roughly chop vegetables and add to the jug with the parsley then chop for 5 sec, speed 5.
  4. Repeat if vegetables seem too chunky.
  5. Drain any excess liquid (if possible).
  6. Add haloumi, eggs, drained corn, approx. half the flour and salt and pepper to the jug and mix for 5 sec, speed 5.
  7. Assess the mixture and add the rest of the flour if necessary.
  8. Add breadcrumbs and mix in by hand with the spatula.
  9. If mixture seems too wet add more breadcrumbs.
  10. Shape into balls and place on a baking tray lined with baking paper.
  11. Place in the fridge for an hour.
  12. Bake for 25 min at 180⁰C turning after 15 minutes.
Haloumi balls ready to be baked

Haloumi balls ready to be baked


  • Choose the vegetables that suit your family.
  • Adding some olives would give a great tangy flavour.
  • You can use gluten free flour and rice crumbs if preferred.
  • You could swap the parsley for your preferred herbs.

Hope you enjoy this handy easy to make and eat dinner. You can find other easy baking recipes in my ebook: Kate’s Thermo Cookbook available on iPad, iPhone and Android via Kindle now.

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